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Level Up With The Omnevo Performance Academy

Our performance program is designed to help each athlete prepare for their own sport with respect to the needs of the individual athlete.  Each program has the proper portions of speed & agility, power & strength, conditioning, and mobility work that are necessary at the time of the year and time of the athlete's development.


 Whether you are in the offseason or in season, we are here to help you take care of yourself.  Every athlete has a program designed specifically for them and is coached through it in person at Omnevo through personal training sessions.  We can also help you with a program if you are not able to see us in person. Call us today to get better than you were yesterday! (248) 946-1852

Performance Qualities We Help You Develop:
-Speed -Agility -Power -Strength -Mobility -Conditioning 
Train Like An Athlete
Become Resilient
Become Unstoppable
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