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Trine University Hockey Player

Christian Karbler

"Omnevo has given me every opportunity to get better mentally, physically, and emotionally. Being at the gym everyday with my “Family” has translated to my pursuit of happiness, becoming an open minded person, and performing at high levels of my specified sport. I would not want to be anywhere else to learn and grow as an athlete and a person. I loved this place so much that I chose to pursue my internship there as well."


Victory Honda Goaltender

Aidan McCarthy

"The programs are perfectly built to your needs. I’ve never felt better in my life."


Victory Honda Goaltender

Max Miller

"Omnevo is the best place around to get top notch strength, conditioning, and mobility training in one spot. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and passionate and the environment is very welcoming."


Madonna University Soccer

Natalie Hawkins

"As a college athlete I am always looking for ways to improve and find new workouts to mix in to my exercise routine. Kevin and Zach help push me to make improvements in the mobility class in ways I would never think to do on my own." 


Hockey Goaltender

Scott Bird

"Not gunna lie i didn’t really take this seriously at first, thinking that this wasn’t going to help my game. But as the weeks went on this class has really been a game changer. Would definitely recommend this class for everyone and especially athletes of any sport."


Hockey Player

Mckenna Ceci

"Kevin is amazing! I feel great after the mobility and ready for my workout!"

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