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Off Season Semi-Private Training

Our off season semi-private training is our bread and butter for athlete development. The off season opens the opportunity for more training exposure which leads to improved performance.  We tailor programs specific to athlete needs based on our assessments and communications.  These programs will check all the boxes for performance increases and will have you entering the season more prepared than ever!

In Season Semi-Private Training

In season semi-private training is very similar to our off season approach in that we tailor programs to the athletes needs.  We also minimize the training exposure due to intensive playing schedules.  In season training will enhance athlete recovery while maintaining the work done through the off season!

Off Season Team Strength & Conditioning

Our off season team strength & conditioning will take your team to the next level athletically. Working out as a team is a great way to enhance chemistry between players. Our team setting is intelligently programed by our experienced coaches to ensure lifts are being executed properly with perfect form. With more exposure during the off season we can make great strides in performance in a short period of time!

In Season Team Strength & Conditioning

In season team strength and conditioning has a lot of similarities to the offseason with much less expose. We also prioritize movement and recovery to make sure athletes are performing at their best. During these sessions we work to maintain the progress made in the offseason to minimize the rebound work that needs to be done once the season has finished. It is also another opportunity for the team to be together working towards improvements!

Year Round Mobility Training             

Mobility training is easily the most under appreciated aspect of an athletes development. When done correctly, mobility training will expand range of motion while simultaneously helping to control that range of motion. This translates to less injury, more motor control, and improved performance. Our team utilizes many principles including Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Postural Restoration (PRI), and Onnit Academy Durability techniques to bulletproof your joints and improve movement quality. Contact us today to learn more!


Unlike many training systems, KINSTRETCH practice is complete with a self-assessment system allowing you the ability to monitor your own body for dysfunction that may be causing pain, loss of performance, or that may be putting you at an increased chance of injury. All certified KINSTRETCH Instructors are also certified in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)® making them extremely knowledgeable in human movement, biomechanics, and body control development. That means that your KINSTRETCH instructor is highly trained in spotting, and correcting dysfunctions in your body as you practice. If you are looking to move better, feel better and perform better, then this is the class for you. Come join us at Omnevo for Kinstretch classes. Classes are tough by our very own Kinstretch instructor, Zack Atwood!

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